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Our cannabis experts personally make regular visits to every grower and processor to verify their operations meet our strict requirements. Our strict criteria include, sustainability, ethics, quality, reputation, consistency and safety.

Bottom line: Every Ox Brand is Safe, Consistent Quality Medication For Your Patients.

All Tiers of Flower

At Ox, we have a vast flower selection and carry anywhere from 25-40 strains at any given time. Hybrid, sativa, or Indica we carry all tiers of flower for your patient’s varied medical needs.


As the name suggests this product line will have you feeling alright, alright, alright!

Our vape carts are the standout product from this line but say, man, we got joints too and they will definitely leave you feeling’ Hella-High!

If you’re looking to live the high life and achieve your goals, Hella-High offers the highest quality sun-grown hippie lettuce. Stay on top of life at your next pasture party by living free with Hella-High!


A premier line of hand-crafted, small-batch-made products, boasting a higher potency.

Whether you find your best friend in Diamond’s concentrates or our award-winning, infused pre-rolls, you will certainly shine bright like a diamond!

Our premium line of doobies, blunts, and flowers dipped in live resin gives you that extra fresh kick.


We grow, develop, produce and curate the purest cannabis flower and products that medically enhance our clients lives. We offer clean, natural solutions for everyone, whether for pain management, sleep support, mood elevation or that sweet spot feeling.

Our fast acting, water soluble THC product line has quick results and is easy to dose. Acts in as little as 5-10 minutes and last 2-4 hours. Discrete and for controlled daily use, micro-dosing allows you to customize the effect you need when you need it.


Similar to how frequency vibrations of music are naturally hardwired into our heart and soul, so too does cannabis have a similar effect.

Blues Brother cannabis products promise to deliver the most endocannabinoid receptor stimulation that’s possible.

With over four decades of international professionalism and consumer satisfaction, Blue Brothers has established an undisputed level of quality.


Sun is shining and the weather is sweet with Sol!

This complete product line is versatile in flavor from delicious gummies to pre-rolls to concentrates that’ll make you want to move your dancing feet or at least will come to the rescue for what ails ya!


Icy Melts Solventless is a three time award-winning artisanal product development company. Our focus is in crafting the best solventless cannabis products in the world. Icy Melts Solventless was born here in Oklahoma in 2019 and today has emerged as one of the most innovative brands in the cannabis industry.


Do you need to chill?

Subzero carts, concentrates and pre-rolls, are made with a cold extraction process, full cannabinoids, and no carrying oils.

Chill, affordable, quality at a value you can taste.
Plus, Ninjas can’t catch you if you’re Sub-Zero.


Our customers expect quality, and Buffalo Roze intends to deliver. We’ve developed a stringent set of internal standards to ensure that only the highest quality products reach the market. In striving for excellence, we aim to earn your loyalty and trust.

We carry an assortment of products from flowers to tinctures, pre-rolls to edibles. While this variety ensures we have a little something for everyone, we aren’t here to overwhelm you with too many options. After all, exploring products should be easy and fun. Take a look!


Delicious handcrafted cannabis-infused edibles from Canna Cafe are a great way to medicate when dosed correctly.

From gummies to chocolate bars to cookies and fresh fruit dipped in cannabis chocolate, Canna Cafe provides your clientele the relief they need in the tasty treat they want.


Prioritizing consistent purity and quality, Oklahoma Pure keeps pushing the boundaries through innovative technology to ensure there are no contaminants.

With a unique design, Oklahoma Pure is able to provide the highest quality, safe and effective botanical products to Oklahoma patients.


2wisted hand crafts a plethora of delicious products you are sure to love such as mouthwatering THC gummies. These edibles have a wide variety of flavors and dosages!

2wisted is a quality brand but also a value brand. These multi-flavored, delicious, high potency gummies are price competitive and will knock you on your Ox tail if you’re not prepared. 

Get 2wisted today!


Country music superstar and founder, Toby Keith, seeks to provide the best top-down premium cannabis grow, processing, and distribution in the state of Oklahoma. Established in 2020, Big Dog Cannabis is comprised of an All-Star team dedicated to innovation in the cannabis space and providing products and services for all walks of life. We believe that each customer is different, and we want to be able to provide a product or service for anyone and everyone – from retail to wholesale to business solutions, we are here to help!


Mouthwatering THC edibles and OMMA compliant SLUSHIES! With a wide variety of flavors and dosages, 2wisted handcrafts a plethora of delicious products you are sure to love.

Get 2wisted!


Jalo is the newest brand in the i35Labs family. At Jalo our goal is to provide high flavor low impact to highlight the 100% resin or rosin extract. Our new, all in one, disposable and biodegradable dab pens provide convenience while also providing that high flavor but low impact.


At Oryon Canna, our mission is to provide a Superior cannabis experience for all. Presented in a clean and compact design, our disposable vape provides a smooth and satisfying draw each time. The distillate is hand mixed with all-natural terpenes, creating unique flavor profiles in our oil which is lab-tested to exceed industry standards and remain free of solvents and pesticides. Experience superior quality from a superior device.


Dr. Stan and Jacqui are the heart and soul of Bison & Rose. He’s a Ph.D. pharmaceutical scientist, and she’s a Registered Nurse, and they each have over 30 years of experience in the medical field.  After some initial research, Dr. Stan began to see how the fantastic complexity of the cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenoids in medical cannabis could work together to solve some of the more frustrating problems facing people in their daily lives. So, when Oklahoma legalized medical cannabis, Jacqui and Dr. Stan leaped at the chance to create some of the purest, most effective full spectrum cannabis and CBD topicals and oils possible. Their emphasis on clinical trials and thoroughly scientific research makes them stand out in an industry that’s just getting its feet of the ground, and they’re thrilled that they’ve been able to dive into cannabis research and formulation with both feet.

Nickel Creek

Nickel Creek has been owned and operated by native Oklahomans since 2020. Our facility has state of the art equipment, and our experienced grower takes the time to cultivate the best medicinal cannabis for local patients. Our facility also backs up to Oklahoma’s Nickel Creek, hence our name.


Highest intent is created by patients for patients in an effort to help normalize wellness for our friends and family throughout Oklahoma. Cannabis has proven to be an exciting introduction to plant medicine for many of us. We want to continue expanding that horizon by reintroducing holistic plant medicine into everyday life in a simple effective and tasty way. These tinctures were intentionally formulated to be vegan friendly, gluten free, sugar free and alcohol free in order to be accessible to the widest range of patients possible. Normalizing Wellness. That’s the goal!!


Here at platinum farms we are vertically integrated from farm to retail shelf. To ensure the highest standards and quality is achieved for our products that are being offered to Oklahoma’s medical cannabis marketplace.

We specialize in CO2, ethanol, and solventless extraction methods. Using CO2, green chemistry, and water ensures that our products are of the cleanest and purest quality. Our oils and isolates are used in all of our finished products, consumables, vapes, and topicals.



We grow, develop, produce, and curate the purest cannabis flower and products that medically enhance our clients’ lives. We offer clean, natural solutions for everyone, whether for pain management, sleep support, mood elevation, or that sweet spot feeling.

The purity of our products comes from the magic combination of the team members we have at Zero Group. Here, climate control experts work with medical and research scientists to create the perfect environment to make the purest products.


At Arcadia Brands we provide premium solventless, full spectrum, strain specific cannabis infused edibles and concentrates. Using only whole buds, never trim or biomass. We want to ensure, you the customer, get the benefit of using the whole plant for a balanced approach to medicating with cannabis.

Arcadia is the premiere solventless edible brand in Oklahoma. Established in 2018 in the small town of Arcadia, OK with processing in Edmond Ok. We are true solventless and not CO2 compressed gas into liquids like other brands do. We only use heat and pressure as a part of our extraction method.


Black Dog Cannabis is Cannabis for a cause! When you buy Black Dog you are also helping animals in need. Buy 10 of these delicious full flower joints and feed one Dog for a day! Have fun searching for your Golden Joint and get a chance to win a trip to Vegas and other awesome trips and treats! We are loving these preroll and this company so check them out today!


Paying homage in namesake to both the American bison and the Oklahoma state flower, Buffalo Roze underscores our deep commitment to the local communities we serve across our beloved Sooner state. Our brand symbols have been chosen with intention, reminding us daily of the strength, resilience, and natural beauty found here in Oklahoma—qualities we aim to embody in our business practices. At Buffalo Roze, our principles dictate our actions. We believe in the value of hard work, human ingenuity, and carry a reverence for the land upon which we live, work, and play.

More Brands Coming!

More and more brands will be making their way to your favorite dispensaries in the near future like:

Flayme, Farmers Market Buds, Good Vibes, Skunk Hollow, 
Black Label Labs, Organically Grown, Canna Rx,  Green Trees and Turtle Leaf 

Stay Tuned!   



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